Marketing New Media

An engaging and useful Third Tuesday presentation. Mhairi Petrovic talks about "Overcoming the challenges of marketing new media to traditional decision makers."

The evolution of the Internet has brought about many changes in the way we do business: marketing in particular has seen a sea change as new methods of interacting with target audiences have come to the fore. Many senior decision makers today, however, come from a traditional marketing background and are hesitant to adopt new media marketing techniques. This talk will discuss the common objections old school marketers have to new media and how you can use the basic principles of traditional marketing to educate them to the new way of doing things.

Mhairi Petrovic is Chief Marketing Orchestrator and Founder of Out-Smarts Internet Marketing - a company dedicated to working with small to medium sized businesses to maximize their Internet exposure. Passionate about social media, Mhairi blogs and podcasts regularly and puts her knowledge of the Internet to good use to develop and implement innovative Internet marketing campaigns.

Mhairi's presentation and the audience discussion were live-blogged here, a post which helpfully includes links to all the sites and tools mentioned.

Click the image below to see the presentation. Sorry for the poor video and audio quality, it was a very dark intimate room in a noisy lively setting.

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