Generational Communication Gap

Can't figure out the people you work with? Maybe it will help to look at them through the lens of generations.

The Baby Boomers are delaying retirement. Generation X is sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials, waiting their turn at formal leadership. This discussion explores the uniqueness of each of the generations and how to engage them all in your organization despite their differences. From the Oct. 27, 2008 meeting of the High-Tech Communicators' Exchange.

Kathi Irvine is a principal at KLI Associates and a core consultant with Sundance Consulting Inc. The intergenerational workforce is one of her current research projects.

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  1. What an interesting video. I caught myself a few times agreeing out loud...

    When it comes to talking about Internet marketing, social media, and related things, these differences are so obvious it's sometimes impossible to get through.

    Thanks for the post!