MoMoVan: Rx Networks and Assisted GPS

When you turn on your GPS device you can wait for a loooong time while it locates the satellites. By the time it does, you may have missed your exit. Peter Mueller and Adrian Stimpson of Rx Networks explain what is happening during that delay and what they are doing to speed it up.

Their first approach has been to have a network of earth stations around the world that keep satellite location information and transmit it to a GPS device over a high speed network. The next level of sophistication is to give the devices the ability to predict where the satellites are going to be.

They describe how their technology has been incorporated into the latest line of Garmin GPS devices to give them an "instant on" capability.

And it doesn't stop there. Things get even more interesting in their next project, a GPS-based self learning system.

From Mobile Monday Vancouver, Nov. 3, 2008.

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