Pecha Kucha Vancouver: Jesse Savath

"If you want something in life you just have to try it." Director, photographer and founder of the film collective Salazar, Jesse Savath illustrates that aphorism by the example of his own evolution. The starting point was a complete lack of ideas. From there he shaped a successful career doing what he loves in a series of steps that often involved just showing up and figuring it out when you get there. From Pecha Kucha Vancouver.


Pecha Kucha Vancouver: Matthew Miyagawa and Vince Chan

Any presentation that ties together environmental biology, shirt design, cross-country sneaker tours and food blogging has got to be interesting. Matthew Miyagawa and Vince Chan, the founders of Finale Design, survey their wide-ranging creative projects at Pecha Kucha Vancouver.

Technical note: The audio quality is not great. (Sorry!) You may need to listen with headphones.


Pecha Kucha Vancouver: Rex Weyler

Many years ago, Rex Weyler had to choose between going to Vietnam, a jail in Texas or Vancouver. Vancouver won. He tells the story of how he pursued a career as journalist and photographer, and how his enduring interest in the way environments shape who we are led him to become one of the founders of Greenpeace International. From Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver.


Pecha Kucha Vancouver: Alex Beim

Alex Beim has created some of the most inventive interactive amusements for public events that I've ever seen. He shows some of his projects and how they came about in this presentation at Pecha Kucha Vancouver.


Pecha Kucha Vancouver: Oliver Lang

What does culture produce at a moment of change in our cities? How should a designer respond to the challenge of an urban population that is going to double over the next 30 years to 6 billion people? Oliver Lang talks about some of the concepts and projects his company is working on. From Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver #5.

Technical note: The audio quality is not great. (Sorry!) You may need to listen with headphones.