DemoCamp: Drupal Geo Openlayers

Mack Hardy (@affinitybridge), Directory and Technical Lead at Affinity Bridge, talks about cool things you can do with geo in Drupal.


Pecha Kucha Vancouver 9: Stephanie Hodges

Finding real food and cooking it yourself. Stephanie Hodges, nutritionalist and "adventure foodie" at Vitalis, integrates scientific research from East and West, culinary wizardry and common sense in the presentation at Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 9.

DemoCamp: Canpages API Contest

Amy Rae, Director of Business Development at local search firm Canpages describes their nation-wide programming contest for smart phone application developers. There's a $5,000 prize for the first-place winner.


Pecha Kucha: Michael Ziff

Michael Ziff, co-owner of Hip Baby, sees code everywhere. He explains what that means and weaves a thread that ties together many unexpected phenomena in this presentation at Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 9.

PKVN09: Michael Ziff from Singular Software on Vimeo.


DemoCamp: The Business of Geo

Parveen Kaler (@kaler), founder of Smartful Studios, speaks about the business of Geo Location and Location Based Services. Currently, the Geo technology stack is fractured into disparate slices of functionality. Who owns the data and what functionality currently exists? Parveen looks at where data and functionality gaps exist within the stack. This motivates the types of applications and services that can be built today. It doesn't make sense for a viable business to build a product without a revenue model. He enumerates different methods to monetize Geo Location services and describes how to build a revenue strategy.

DemoCamp: Compass Engine

McElroy Flavelle, CEO of CompassEngine, talks about tools and services for developers to build the next generation of location-based games.


Careful: 23 Hour Day Coming Up

As a committed advocate of the 25 hour day, I dread this weekend. Many parts of the world will switch to daylight saving time on Saturday night. Clocks will be moved ahead by an hour, people will lose an hour's sleep and there will be dire consequences. Don't say I didn't warn you.