Pecha Kucha 15: Lisa Robertson

Poet and essayist Lisa Robertson, author of Occasional Works and Seven Walks From the Office for Soft Architecture, reads sections of her work. With remarkable literary talent, Robertson shares an intriguing new perspective on features of Vancouver’s ever-changing cityscape.

Pecha Kucha 15: Scott Hawthorn

Entrepreneur Scott Hawthorn has turned his love of small, intimate spaces and connecting with strangers into rare gifts to the city of Vancouver. Join him for a discussion of the Salt Tasting Room, Judas Goat, Native Shoes, Alfresco Tonight and Parking Spot Gallery. Bonus feature: A novel way to invite a crowd over to dinner.

Pecha Kucha 15: Margot Leigh Butler

Margot Leigh Butler, academic director of the University of British Columbia’s Humanities 101 Community Program, describes the work of volunteer “education activists” who are dedicated to improving awareness and perceptions of low-income residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Pecha Kucha 15: Michael Tippett

We are living in an age of crowd-powered news. Michael Tippett, CEO and co-founder of NowPublic.com, investigates how consumer-driven content and social media platforms reflect both the wisdom of crowds and the madness of crowds.

Pecha Kucha 15: Lindsay Brown

Rewind to June 1976 with Lindsay Brown, founder of Ouno Design, as she discusses Habitat Forum, a component of the first United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. Held in Vancouver, the event was hosted in five seaplane hangers, each one refurbished by 11,000 volunteers and decorated with paintings by Bill Reid.

Pecha Kucha 15: Ben Chibber

Ben Chibber is living proof that many parents were wrong; you can make a living as a skateboarder! Join the founder of Vancouver’s MonkÄ“ Skateboards and Dryspot Indoor Skateboard Park for a sneak peek at a career most people can only dream of.

Pecha Kucha 15: Peter Busby

Peter Busby, managing director of Busby Perkins and Will Architects, traces his sources of inspiration and his career path from political science student and drywaller to green building architect and a Member of the Order of Canada.

Pecha Kucha 15: Emily Jubenvill

Emily Jubenvill, greenspaces coordinator for the Vancouver Public Space Network, urges audiences to recognize the injustice that underlies our industrial food system. It’s time, she says, for a food-wise revolution where consumers become involved in building sustainable, local food systems.

Pecha Kucha 15: Office Supplies Inc.

Street artist Office Supplies Incorporated emerges from secrecy to discuss his series of posters entitled “Vampire Shit.” In keeping with his on-going effort to add life and humour to Vancouver’s urban landscape, these posters represent an attempt to communicate with “outsider” graffiti artists.

Pecha Kucha 15: Paul and Cariann Burger

After beginning their professional careers in the movie industry in Los Angeles, Paul and Cariann Burger moved to Vancouver and co-founded Cargoh.com. In this presentation, they describe how this curated online marketplace allows independent artists and designers to connect with a global market.

Pecha Kucha 15: Stewart Butterfield

Explore the creative process with Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr® and more recently co-founder and CEO of Tiny Speck online game developers. Butterfield suggests that real creativity arises not from creative freedom, but from understanding and mastering the constraints influencing a design.