Pecha Kucha: TJ Galda

TJ Galda of Electronic Arts shows off some of the latest tools and toys behind animated movie production, and how they are making their way into games. From Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 9.

Pecha Kucha: Tom Pedriks

Tom Pedriks, Creative Director at Haymaker, presents some of the funniest hockey branding you are ever likely to see, at Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 9.


Pecha Kucha: 2010 Design Team

A moving tribute to Leo Obstbaum, Design Director for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, who passed away unexpectedly last August. Sounds like he was an amazing guy and is much missed by those who knew him.

Pecha Kucha: Chris Staples

Chris Staples from Rethink presents at Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 9.