Embedding F4V Files in Keynote

I just ran into (and solved) a little problem. I'm preparing a presentation for Northern Voice 2009 and am using Keynote for my slides instead of boring old PowerPoint. My talk is about producing audio and video for the Web and I have several F4V videos that I want to include in my slides. (F4V is Adobe's Flash wrapper for H.264-encoded video.)

Keynote lets you easily embed a QuickTime movie, but what about F4V? After many failed attempts here's what works. Fortunately, it's simple.
  1. Download and install the Perian drivers so that QuickTime can play Flash video.
  2. Select the video file to be embedded, Ctrl-click and choose "Get Info".
  3. Set "Open with:" to "QuickTime Player".
  4. Change the extension on the file from .f4v to .mov.
  5. Drag and drop the file into Keynote.
Step #4 in particular is a pretty miserable hack, but it does the job: Keynote should play the file now, just like a "real" QuickTime file.


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Fail. Does not work.

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Download Perian.
    Change the file extension from .f4v to .flv
    Open in Quicktime
    Save as Movie/iPhone/iPod