Deleting Custom Settings in Final Cut Pro

This is the first of a couple of technical notes about video editing.

If you edit with Final Cut Pro, you may end up creating some custom Sequence Presets and custom Easy Setups. And chances are you will want to delete some or all of the ones you've created. This is easy to do, but finding out how is surprisingly hard.

Here's how. Note that step #3 will cause all your preferences to be forgotten and it will be like starting Final Cut after a fresh install. If that sounds too awful, then don't do it and just live with the extra customizations showing up in your list.

1. Exit Final Cut Pro.

2. Delete any custom Easy Setups here:
/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Custom Settings

3. Trash your Final Cut Pro preferences by deleting the following files.
~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/Final Cut Pro 6.0 Prefs
~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/Final Cut Pro Obj Cache
~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/Final Cut Pro Prof Cache

4. Empty the Trash.

5. Restart Final Cut Pro.

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