Citizen Media and the 2010 Olympics

Coverage of the Olympic Games is dominated by the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) contracted rights-holder and accredited major media conglomerates. However some feel there is a role for crowdsourced documentation of both sporting events and the cultural context in which it happens.

This expert panel discusses changes, challenges, and opportunities facing grassroots media makers around the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

From Northern Voice 2009.


  1. love your vids. thx Bruce! :)

  2. Bruce–

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I've blogged a (very little bit) about this at The Vancouver Project. A proposal that two of us Americans have for covering the Olympics.

    Many of the ideas talked about in that panel sound right up our alley. Any feedback you might be able to offer us would be great!

  3. Big thanks again Bruce. As a presenter, your excellent work with the videos is a total treat! Since i usually do each prezo only *once* capturing allows many more folks to check it out. The Letters from Russia, Rock n Roll photog and now this Olympics panel are treasured artifacts from a remarkable Northern Voice 2009. Cheers!

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Thank you so much for this video...hadn't heard the term ambush media and "piggyjacking"...
    Cheers, Shawna G
    Keep Vancouver Original