Nokia's "Calling All Innovators" contest

In this MoMoVan presentation from early November, 2010, we hear from Martin Barclay of Nokia about their "Calling All Innovators" contest, which aims to capture the attention of mobile app developers with its record setting prize pool. We also get a word from Rob McGarry, the director of R&D for the local Nokia group that is responsible for developing and operating Nokia's Ovi online app store. Rob is also a director of DigiBC.

Nokia is making a concerted effort to capture the attention of mobile app developers, with a total of $10M in prizes ($4M of which is tagged for co-marketing of the most popular apps), with its unified development framework and IDE called Qt (pronounced "cute"), with its Ovi store (Nokia's answer to Apple's app store) already delivering almost 3M downloads a day, and with its powerful new N8 smart phone.

So if you are a mobile app developer, Nokia has a wanted poster out for you, and a big reward for those who can generate consumer interest demonstrated through downloads.

And if you are wondering about the rather industrial looking background behind the presenters, that would be the microbrewery that is part of the Granville Island Brewery. Mobile app development is not the only creative juice flowing at these events.

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