How to mic and record the most difficult instrument

Nigel Cooper used two weeks, five cameras and just one digital audio recorder to put listeners in the unique perspective of internationally acclaimed concert pianist Grace Francis’ seat while she played one of the most difficult instruments to record from an audio perspective – the grand piano.

In an article for DVuser Nigel outlines his strategic camera and mic positions, and how the Roland R-44 Digital Field Recorder was his magic weapon for creating a DVD video production of classical music at West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge, UK. He used PluralEyes to sync the audio tracks from all five cameras – including one in the balcony, 60 feet away - with the high-quality audio track captured on the Earthworks PM40 microphone.

In this 22 minute tutorial Nigel demonstrates how to mic and record the concert grand piano, and he includes beautiful footage from the final DVD of Grace performing the Liszt Mephisto Waltz number 1.

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