MoMoVan: Scott Michaels of Atimi on the mad mobile market

In what kind of marketplace could you imagine someone describing just three months ago as "the good old days"? That's the crazy rate of change that the mobile app market is seeing, as Apple, RIM, Google, and other players vie for the attention of both consumers and developers.

Scott Michaels is a veteran of this space in his key role as VP of Client Services at Atimi Software Inc., one of the largest independent Apple development houses. While hardly a household name, the organizations and publications they have developed apps for certainly are: their recent Bloomberg Businessweek+ app made it to a #1 rating in Apple's app store, and was selected for promotion by Apple.

In his presentation to MoMoVan, Scott takes us inside this fast-paced world to give us his insights on where this is going, and his in-depth advice to local app developers and marketers on how they can fine tune their strategy.

This presentation video also serves to highlight some new features in our latest release of Presto for Final Cut Pro, including rounded corners on the slides, and a new style of two-up auto-tracking layout with the background fading out behind the slide. Thanks to both PluralEyes and Presto, once we had the media off the cameras and into FCP, and the slides exported from Scott's Keynote presentation, getting this presentation ready for final editing and rendering took only a matter of minutes.

Audio proved to be a bit of a challenge at this event due to some background noises, and a hardware glitch that lasts a few seconds early on. But hopefully you won't find that too distracting as Scott takes us into the rapidly beating heart of the mobile app marketplace.

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