Stack Exchange opens Q&A site for video

Bruce Sharpe

If you are a software developer, you know that the best place to get answers to programming questions is Stack Overflow. Joel Spolsky and co. have hit on just the right formula for getting the best answers (and questions) to float to the top.

Stack Overflow spawned Stack Exchange which is a family of Q&A sites based on the same model. I have long wished that one of those sites could be about video production. But it turns out that getting a site approved and off the ground is not trivial (and is a little mysterious for those of us on the outside). A proposal for such a site has been inching forward for many months, but I'd given up hope of seeing it in my lifetime.

But today I got some good news. There is now a Stack Exchange site where video production people can go to get answers to their questions. It's called Audio-Video Production and, yes, it's about audio too. That's fine, especially because that was the mechanism that was used to get it into flight: the video site proposal was merged with an existing audio site. Yay!

I now encourage everyone who has a question or an answer to participate in the site. It's in beta and it needs to prove itself to become a permanent fixture. I predict that once people start using it, it will become an indispensable tool for video production people at all levels.

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